This one hour workshop will help you improve stability and mobility in your wrists. It's perfect if you..

Struggle with pain and discomfort in planks and press ups.

Want to improve your grip strength for aerial arts.

Want to improve your balance in handstands.

No pre-requisites and there are variations for all levels.

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  Wrist Conditioning Workshop
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Wrist Conditioning Workshop

Improve your grip, balance and relieve pain with targeted wrist and forearm conditioning!

This workshop is great for handbalancers, aerialists, and office workers!

After enrolment you will receive lifetime access to our Wrist Conditioning Workshop.

If you have any questions you can email Seonaidh directly on [email protected]

Jenny attended the workshop live - see what she had to say!

I have had numerous problems with one of my wrists over the last few years. It got to the stage where trying to do any exercise which required an ‘all fours’ position was just agony. 

I decided to reach out to Seonaidh and I attended her wrist conditioning workshop. Well - a few stretches in and my wrist already felt loads better and I couldn’t feel any pain in the position that would usually have triggered it! The best part is, I now know what exercises work and more importantly, why, so I can repeat them as necessary! Highly recommended :-)