Are you ready to reach your movement and mindset goals?

The Orchard is the online membership that will help you...

• Move with confidence, knowledge & love for your body

• Set and achieve your goals with support & accountability.

• Feel confident setting aside time for you!

• Meet a community of like-minded people to support you, cheer you on, and celebrate as you exceed your own expectations!

Seonaidh & Bonbon, one of her rescue ferrets

Seonaidh's relationship with fitness didn't get off to the best start.

At school she would rather sit out with a punishment exercise than join physical education classes.

When she started her personal training course she still felt nervous about going to the squat rack. Training alongside a marathon runner was out of her comfort zone but she pushed through. Seonaidh adapted to gym life, but has since returned to her home training routes.

She is now an equipment free specialist working on pain relief, confidence building and performance entirely outside the gym environment, with over 10 years experience!

She lives with her three ferrets - Jerry, Candy & Bonbon - who occasionally make an appearance on camera!

By joining The Orchard you get...

• Monthly goal setting & accountability sessions

• Access to a growing online resource library

• Monthly Anatomy & Fitness Theory Lectures

• Discounted class passes and one to ones, so you get affordable, long term support!


What is a Class Pass?

Class Passes are a cost effective and sustainable way to work with Seonaidh.

These are LIVE, ONLINE group sessions. Equipment free, accessible and fun.

This is a perfect way to workout with company, accountability and regular support!

When you sign up for The Orchard with a Class Pass you will receive your own code which allows you to book classes here.

Each class is hosted securely on Zoom, so you'll get a unique meeting ID in your email for each class you book!



Your body loves movement. The Orchard is here to help you find new ways to move, caring for your body and lifting your spirits.

In The Orchard, you will find flows, HIIT sessions, flexibility training, and technique videos from simple body-weight exercises to splits, handstands, and other specific skills.

There are video resources for all levels, and Seonaidh is on hand to help you whenever you need it!


Our mindset determines our results more than any other aspect of our life.

If you don't think exercise is for you, or you struggle with limiting beliefs then The Orchard is here for you.

All Orchard members receive discounts on one-to-one NLP sessions directly with Seonaidh.


You're busy, I get it!

Through The Orchard you will find movement that energises and complements your schedule.

You will meet like-minded people and be invited to social events.

You'll even get access to guest lectures and courses to help you with family photography, home spa days and more!