Introduction to Inversions

Get upside down in your home. No equipment needed!

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I'm going to put it out there.

We spend toooo much time the right way up!

Introduction to Inversions is a 4 week course designed to get you upside down with no equipment needed.

We'll play with balances, yoga poses, and conditioning exercises so you can progress your upside down skills safely in your own home.

This course is pre-recorded with the option to get 1-2-1 support from Seonaidh as an add on.

Who's with me?

Your Instructor

Seonaidh Jamieson
Seonaidh Jamieson

Seonaidh's relationship with fitness didn't get off to the best start.

At school she would rather sit on the side-lines with a punishment exercise than join physical education classes. Seonaidh wouldn't run for the bus, and she didn't trust (or like) her body.

Discovering horse riding and pole dancing let her find new, fun ways to move, but her relationship with fitness wasn’t all plain sailing from there.

To progress her aerial skills and improve her riding she needed to condition. She needed to train away from the yard and the studio, but the gym wasn’t a place that inspired her. She began working on her fitness at home, but wanted to know more.

When she arrived at her personal training course she had barely spent any time in the gym, and still felt nervous about going to the squat rack. Her flexibility and strength had improved, but she still struggled with injuries and a lack of options in her home-based training. Training alongside a marathon runner was entirely out of her comfort zone but she pushed through and passed with flying colours.

Seonaidh adapted to gym life, but returned to her home training routes. She has since expanded and explored her equipment free training repertoire. She is an equipment free specialist working on pain relief, confidence building and performance entirely outside the gym environment! She holds her L3 PT, Mobility Coach, Flexibility Instructor and Pole Fitness Qualifications, and she is an NLP practitioner supporting her clients mindset journey.

Alongside supporting clients with fitness and mindset goals, Seonaidh has a career in conservation. She holds bat licences in England and has worked on river restoration and wetland creation projects.

If you’d like to talk to Seonaidh you can reach her here.

Course Curriculum

  Introduction to Inversions - Week 1
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  Introduction to Inversions - Week 2
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  Introduction to Inversions - Week 3
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  Introduction to Inversions - Week 4
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