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Do I really need to warm up?

In the years that I have been involved in the fitness industry I have heard and seen countless reasons that people do not warm up. You are short of time. You're excited to try out that new technique. You never normally warm up and you get on fine. You feel self conscious. You don't know how to...


Five things to consider when starting your fitness journey

It can be daunting standing at the beginning of a journey. Changes to your fitness and lifestyle are no different. We never arrive at our end point, continually building and expanding on what we do and understand about our bodies. Given that we do not have a final destination (merely a series of...


Core to Confidence - Webinar Summary

On the 10th of March 2018 I joined Confident Horsemanship's Anne Gage for an engaging webinar taking a close look at our core muscles. A strong core is essential to being a calm, confident and connected horse rider! For the full summary click the link...