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For years Seonaidh has tried to reconcile the connections we have between our mind & body, and our mind & our environment. She's tackled the two independently through community engagement on conservation projects, and personal training and pole fitness instruction... but she's always felt that approach didn't fix the issues so many of us face.

On a drive to her home in Yorkshire, Seonaidh realised the two are absolutely compatible. It's the connection we have with everything physical. It's how we feel about moving in our world. It's how we feel about being in our world. It's how we look after our physical health & our environment - two causes close to Seonaidh's heart.

Cherry Tree Training aims to help even the busiest people reconnect with their body and their world. Working across two industries, Seonaidh understands the time constraints & pressures that come with a busy professional and personal life. Her approaches are designed to work with you & your lifestyle.

As well as a deep seated love of helping people connect with their body & environment, Seonaidh just loves people. If you want to know more about our services, our motivation & our ambitions then please drop us a message!